Roast Pork Dinner

Roast Pork1

Prep: 20 minutes

Cook: Two hours

Serves: Four



  • 2 loins of pork  
  • 2 large onions, large diced  
  • 4 cloves of garlic  
  • 1kg potatoes   



  • Preheat oven to 240C / gas mark 9  
  • Score the skin of the pork loin with a sharp knife in a criss-cross motion  
  • Pour boiling water over the pork loin (this is to help the crackling) 
  • Once dry, rub salt and pepper into the pork loins  
  • Place onion on a baking tray, placing the pork loins on top   
  • Cook for 30 minutes
  • While the pork is cooking, peel and boil the potatoes. Leave them undercooked
  • Put a lid on the top of the sauce pan and shake the potatoes so they start to go fluffy
  • Put potatoes to the side
  • Turn oven down to 190C / gas mark 5
  • Cook for another hour
  • Remove pork from the oven and let rest on a cooling rack
  • Put the potatoes into the roasting tray with the onions and pork fat, season well, and cook roughly 20 minutes until golden brown
  • Slice pork and serve